Big Yellow

Inspiring Inner London through Rugby


About Us

The Big Yellow Inner City Schools rugby project is the culmination of a desire to see rugby flourish in an urban area and for young people to benefit from team sport.

An Introduction

Rugby isn’t a sport you associate with urban areas, it needs considerable space whereas Basketball and Football don’t. In fact, urban areas generally lack structured community sports clubs that can be the focal point of family life.

Unsurprisingly,  schools in London generally lack the facilities to play organised team sport, most pupils therefore miss out on all the benefits associated with teamwork and healthy competition.

At Southwark Rugby Club we could see the amazing untapped raw talent surrounding the club and luckily so could Big Yellow’s CEO James Gibson.

Benefits of Rugby

Team Mentality

Benefit from rugby's values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.


Pupils get the opportunity to volunteer and help their school team and gain additional championship points.

Health & Fitness

Rugby is a physical game, improving both mental and physical fitness.

Community Spirit

Players strengthen their community spirit by joining a local community sports club.

Social Benefits

Players experience increased socialisation, communication, interaction and stimulation.

Sports Sampling

Young people of all ages benefit from sampling different sports rather than concentrating on one particular discipline.