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Big Yellow Inner City Schools Rugby Program – Inspiring Inner-London through Rugby

The Program

10 secondary schools within close proximity of Southwark Rugby Club are provided with free 90 min coaching sessions per week. Most pupils have sparse rugby knowledge so each school starts their program from scratch. Participating in regular, organised competitive matches is key to sustaining development and enthusiasm amongst participants which is why 6 festivals of rugby are organised with all participating schools playing a round-robin of matches to decide who claims the Southwark Schools Rugby Shield.

All participants are encouraged to join Southwark Rugby Club and continue their rugby development with the offer of a free yearly membership. Gaining from both health & fitness as well as integration within a community hub.

Benefits of Rugby and Team Sports

• Strength Building – Rugby is a great sport for boosting upper body and leg strength.
• Developing discipline and teamwork: Rugby is a sport developed around discipline, teamwork and decision making. Talk back to the referee at your peril!
• Helping your employability: Playing rugby helps develop your soft skills – Teamwork, resilience, respect, discipline. All characteristics that employers look for!
• Increasing self-confidence: Rugby offers players increased confidence and self-respect, as the ultimate character-building sport. It fosters courage, fitness, team effort and togetherness.
• Improving mental health: Rugby, like most team sports, is able to give participants a sense of purpose and a place within the team.
• Improving flexibility: Agility is key, with feet and hands requiring sudden changes of direction and pace.
• Cardio: Improves the body’s cardiovascular system by building a strong heart and lungs, able to deliver oxygen to muscles faster.
• Increasing bone density: Regularly playing rugby will increase your bone density.
• Reducing stress: The release of endorphins while playing the game is enough to lift your mood and help aid a better night’s sleep.
• Developing speed and endurance: Regularly playing and training will not only increase your speed in running but will also build your endurance.

Big Yellow Self Storage

Big Yellow are not only big on storage, but they’re also big on supporting local community groups, and they are particularly proud of their continued support of the Big Yellow Inner City Rugby Programme.

Since 2017, Big Yellow’s donations have allowed the programme to continue to host weekly training sessions with highly knowledgeable coaches, as well as facilitating matches and regular festivals for the children involved.

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