Inner-London (Zones 1 & 2) has an estimated population of 3.5 million people which would make it at least 3x bigger than Birmingham.  The high housing density to accommodate the population has resulted in an obvious lack of space for full size sports pitches to exist, resulting in a lack of organised community sports clubs operating and servicing this high population.  Children and adolescents are missing out on the opportunity to develop and grow within a family like environment unless they make the concerted effort to travel to more rural areas of London.

The Borough of Southwark can be easily divided into 3 areas, Southwark North (London Bridge, Borough etc) Burgess Park (Old Kent Road, Walworth, Bermondsey etc) and Southwark South (Dulwich, Herne Hill etc). Southwark North and Burgess Park cover inner-London with Southwark South covering the more affluent rural locations. 

Southwark North and Burgess Park have a paltry 4 pitches that are open to the community and could accommodate matches in excess of 7 a-side. The lack of facilities directly influence the low number of structured community clubs that exist to service the community, only 12 clubs (football, rugby, cricket, basketball) resident within the area provide regular training and matches to local residents. Of these clubs only 3 or 4 would resemble a traditional club with juniors progressing to a senior set-up.