First Community Festival Scheduled

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Nothing has been straight forward in 2020 but 7 out of our 11 schools are back and receiving coaching from us, so the first festival of the season has been planned for Wednesday 20th January. As ever it will take place at the Cage in Burgess Park – SE5 0JB.

Dependant on numbers all schools will play each other once in a touch tournament. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • A register is taken at each session and 1 point is awarded for each attendee
  • Pupils attending consecutive sessions are awarded 2 points each
  • 10 points for completing a referee or coaching course
  • 10 points per team per match played
  • 20 points for a win
  • 10 points for a draw
  • 5 points for a try
  • 5 points per match for providing a pupil referee
  • 10 points for writing a match report or posting any images to social media

Eyes on the prize. The top school at the end of the season is awarded the Southwark Schools Rugby Shield.

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